HOT WAX JAM – 2 Saturdays - August 15 & 22nd

Come and play with Hot Wax, print laser photo copies on paper and wax, collage, make photo encaustic work, paint with pigmented wax, share ideas and techniques. Supervision, tools, paints and wax will be provided.
$100 per day, attend either one or both.
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
There will be a $20.00 materials fee
List of materials to bring: especially for processes that you are interested in…always there is a preference that you will decide as you are working, and you are not expected to do every one unless you want.

FOR PHOTO COPY TRANSFERS~The most important thing is to bring your images on laser printed paper available at Express Printing in Deland, Office Depot, Kinko’s etc. 5x7 is a good size   ~ at least 10 laser photo copies, not inkjet, of your own photos, vintage photos or non copyright images. Print on normal, thin laser paper NOT cardstock.  (I have a laser copier in my studio if you need more prints while here or can’t locate one)
 ~Smooth hot press paper for photo copy transfers – 2-4 sheets Arches hot press 90# 22x30. (Dick Blick) If you prefer, bring other papers – Stonehenge, Cranes, etc. Smooth surface works best. ~These papers will also be used for acrylic transfers and encaustic ~small jar of acrylic matte medium (Liquitex or Golden brand) and a small 1” soft brush ~6 pack of chartpak CLEAR blender pens (order from Dick Blick – 21303-0000 Colorless Blender         List $4.55 $2.28 ea.)


~1 & 2” cheap boars hair bristle brushes, or other non-synthetic brushes - 1 cookie sheet (to keep your wax and other messes on) oil sticks, paints, gouache ~A small surface for photo transfer and encaustic wax, preferable a “cradle” – is a small wooden box similar to a stretched canvas, only it is wood (see below at dickblick), or a flat smooth piece of birch plywood, or clayboard  - all 8x10 or smaller.

To make a reservation for Anna's One Day Studio Workshops and Hot Wax Jam: Send deposit Check or by Credit Card

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Cinque Terre, Italy (
Champtoce Sur Loir, Chateau du Pin, Loire Valley, France

September 24 – Oct 1  2015        Il Chiostro Workshop
Cinque Terre Italy - 5 Mediterranean Coastal towns
Photographic Transfers and Hand Bound Travel Journal

7 Nights in Monterosso, overlooking the Ligurian Sea, with a fieldtrip to Genoa. Transfer your photos onto Italian Fabriano papers, excursions to the 5 towns, great authentic Italian food. $2895. includes Workshop, scheduled ground transport, food and lodging, does not include airfare. For information and registration, go to:

Monterosso, Cinque Terre
Tony Meola

Anna & Mark
Jim Zock
Jelena, Olive Grove
A Tomczak

October 12-18, 2015
With Anna Tomczak & Chef Tom Kurtzhals
Chateau du Pin - Loire Valley, France

Enjoy 6 days and 7 nights at Chateau du Pin ~ immerse yourself in the historical gardens and architecture. Photograph, sketch the 15C. stone and carved wood, use the chambers and parlors to sit and write, or stare at the fireplace in the evening, and along the way keep your experience and memories in your hand-bound journal. With access to an authentic French kitchen you can help cook, chop, or watch the wonderful meals being made. We will travel to nearby ancient villages and markets, take in the countryside, make photographs, relax in the gardens, hike the trails on the Chateau’s 300 acres, and laugh together during nightly dinners in the Chateau du Pin dining room while we tell travel stories and drink local Loire Valley (Chateau du Pin) wines.
We will have a magical harp or flute concert one evening in the grand salon.

$2,500 includes workshop and a room for 7 nights at the Chateau, which provides a French meal prepared by Chef Tom for breakfast, some lunches, and 5 dinners in the Chateau. Participants are responsible for their own airfare and ground transportation with the exception of a scheduled pickup from the Nantes airport or Anger Train Station upon arrival and departure.

Workshop $2500
Deposit $300
To make a payment and reservation by Check or by or by Credit Card

Chateau du Pin and Topiary
Jim Zock

One Day workshops in:
Photo Mixed Media
Blue & Brown Print           
Photo Encaustic (Wax)
Artist Bookmaking
$100 per day, take one or all 4.

Blue Horse
Cyanotype by Anna Tomczak

There will be a $20.00 materials fee, I will be send a small materials list of laser prints and objects to bring appropriate to the workshop

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico    July 3-13, 2016

Photography & Artist Book-Making

Natasha Watts
Yellow Cat
Anna Tomczak

This Workshop begins with participant introduction, studio intro and materials intro, and sharing work. During the first 3 days we will visit beautiful areas of San Miguel to shoot photographs, such as the Instituto Allende and the Escuela de Bellas Artes, El Jardin and the Parroquia. SMA Baroque/Neoclassical colonial structures were "discovered" by foreign artists who moved in and began art and cultural institutes.

In the studio we will prepare paper for books & make Photo Copy transfers with laser prints of our photos - B&W or color. We will use Solvent Transfer methods: Chartpak Blender Pens, Wintergreen Oil. We will also make Contact Paper transfer and Acrylic Medium Transfers. Surface treatments will be introduced such as coating with wax and paint. We will tone Papers with coffee and tea, paint with pan pastel, oil paint and color pencils onto the photo transfers on paper.

The workshop will emphasize the photographic image, but is not limited to this and will include other modes of expression - drawing, poetry, collage and illustrations.

One day midweek we will work with San Miguel artist Susan Dorf  in her studio, sketching and painting our journals, and making photo transfers on her press with wintergreen oil.

Pomegranates in a Blue Bowl
Susan Dorf

Also we will visit other artist studios and explore Fabrica La Aurora, an extensive collaborative of Galleries and Studios in an old textile Factory.

Later in the week, we will finish our journals and explore rubbings, rubber stamp, collage, computer generated text will be demonstrated .

Workshop price $1,700 includes studio space, equipment, and most materials, room in a beautiful Casa, 6 breakfasts and four dinners in Casa. Airfare and ground transport from Leon Airport not included in price. This workshop has limited space reserve soon. Upon registration you will receive a list of materials.

We can also shop at the well stocked SMA art store El Pato.
Workshop $1700     Deposit $200
To make a reservation for Anna's San Miguel de Allende Workshop by Check or by Credit Card


by Anna Tomczak

All one day workshops in Anna's Lake Helen, Florida studio cost $100. w/additional $20.00 material fee.
To make a payment or reservation for Anna's Studio Workshops: Check or by Credit Card

August 15th & 22nd 2015  $100 PER DAY

PHOTOGRAPHY AND CUISINE RETREAT Chateau du Pin - Loire Valley, France
October 12-18, 2015 $2500

Il Chiostro Workshop      Cinque Terre Italy
September 24 – Oct 1  2015

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
July 3-13, 2016 $1700

"Rocket Science" - Encaustic on Wood
A. Tomczak

blue prints drying
"Blueprints on Line" Anna's Studio

Nuns playing poker
- A. Tomczak

Bookarts Table at Studio

Leona Huff

Leona Huff

Bruce Bennett

Sharon Jacobs

Stacia Hollmann Journal

SMA  Natasha Watts

Kendel Kennedy

- Anna Tomczak

Dario's Cat

Violino - Anna Tomczak



Birds of Paradise

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