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Anna Tomczak creates large format transfers with both an 8x10 and 20x24 camera.  Once the "scene" is assembled, she makes the exposure, then separates the image layers while they are still developing and delicately transfers the negative onto watercolor paper. Every print is unique as each is transferred onto Arches or Fabriano paper immediately after being photographed.
CLICK HERE for information about the 20x24 camera
Using a 20x24 view camera, Chocolate Polaroids are created with a cross-process film combining a black and white negative with a color positive. The resulting image has a unique solarized, split-tone, black and sepia-like luminescence.
Photo encaustic is the process of combining a photograph with encaustic medium and paint. More importantly, though, is the manner in which the encaustic medium actually transforms a photograph, the paper it’s printed on and the interaction with backlight.
A combination of factors leads to making limited edition iris editions of these originals. Having them printed on water color paper is in keeping with the nature of my work and presentation. The archival Iris print with water proof inks is a process that is much more permanent than the dyes of polaroid films.
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